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Forgetting Domain Name Registration Renewal

Once registered, domain names are not always available. In many cases, the registered domain name has an expiration date, and if you forget to register this registration procedure, it may become irretrievable. Domain name registration expiration date When registering your own domain name, the most interesting thing is whether you can register the domain name of […]

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Know about domain names you get by knowing ICANN

An organization “ICANN” that frequently appears in the domain name and IP address topics. It is often mentioned in a single word, “a non-profit organization that manages the resources of the Internet,” but if you know ICANN properly, the information obtained through news etc. should be very different. Eye, can? ICANN. This organization, pronounced i-can or i-can, […]

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Who is the domain name registrant?

Resist “Li” and Resist “La” First, let’s review the structure of domain name registration management. You will probably hear about the names of the registry and the registrar. One registry exists for each TLD, and centrally manages registration information of all domain names of that TLD. It is a job to operate DNS based on this and […]