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Is Short Domain Name Worth It?

It is important to use “easy-to-understand” and “easy-to-remember” domain names to expect access by domain name. What kind of domain name meets this condition? What about short domain names? Google = “G”? You know Google. What is your domain name? If you ask me, most people would say or For us, this strange spelling of the company name […]

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A nice little tale of a domain name to get / know to distinguish / know DNS real and false

DNS cache poisoning There is no need to explain it again, but the cases of phishing have not stopped and the method of guiding phishing sites (fake sites) has become more sophisticated. As a guidance method to a false site, although it is typical to make a false URL in mail text click,“DNS cache poisoning” is noticed that the risk […]

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Registrant protection, but it can not be protected without being a registrant

In this way, even if the registrar can not provide services, registration and renewal of domain names can be continued by other registrars, but what is important here is that “registrant of domain name” Is the only person or organization registered in the domain name registrant database. The registrar is the person or organization registered […]

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Who is the domain name registrant?

Resist “Li” and Resist “La” First, let’s review the structure of domain name registration management. You will probably hear about the names of the registry and the registrar. One registry exists for each TLD, and centrally manages registration information of all domain names of that TLD. It is a job to operate DNS based on this and […]