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A little nice talk of domain name and domain name to get back / know 10 years of DNS

The general-purpose JP domain name that started registration from February 2001 is a short and strong form of “○○○ .jp”, and satisfies the attribute type JP domain name with the restriction of 1 organization and 1 domain name so far The number of registrations reached 800,000 in 10 years in response to the unmet needs. This […]

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What is web hosting?

This article clarifies ideas about hosting . It can be useful to those who are going or have recently organized their representation in the Internet. The provision of hosting becomes as important for a modern person as the concept of television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The article will help determine what kind of hosting is needed to solve certain tasks. […]

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Registrant protection, but it can not be protected without being a registrant

In this way, even if the registrar can not provide services, registration and renewal of domain names can be continued by other registrars, but what is important here is that “registrant of domain name” Is the only person or organization registered in the domain name registrant database. The registrar is the person or organization registered […]