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Is it only good to be short

By the way, although I have been writing about short domain names, it does not mean that good domain names = short domain names. Of course, having a short domain name is one way to achieve the goal of being easy to understand and remember. However, there are several other options depending on the case.

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For example, as with Google, even if it is an alphanumeric string of 5 or more characters, if it is widely used as a brand image, it is better not to use an unfamiliar short string forcibly abbreviated There is also a thing.

Also, although telephone numbers are considered to be representative examples of human-readable digit sequences, many people will remember numbers that are called continuously in television commercials and the like. In such cases, there are many cases where the phone number is used as the domain name.

The important thing is to unify the appealing image. If the product name, site title and domain name all fall apart, or if all are unified or which one will be remembered by the user.You don’t have to think about it.

Notice from JPRS

JPRS has set up a special website “JPRS24” so that those who are not familiar with the Internet can easily understand the domain name and JPRS. You can enjoy the importance of domain names while enjoying the game. Please try to access it.

  • JPRS24

On November 1st, 2007, the IP address was changed on “l.root-servers.net”, one of the root DNS servers that constitute the top layer of DNS. If you are using a DNS cache server, you need to change the root hints file. Please see below for details.

Important things in domain name selection

Figure 1 Points in selecting and registering domain names

Once you start using it, you can not easily change the domain name. First of all, you should consider carefully and register for long use. At this time, what kind of things should we be careful about (Fig. 1)?

First, what to do with domain name strings. We need to consider this from the following point of view.

  • Convenience such as readability and ease of remembering
  • Name consistency with company name and site content
  • Conflict or similarity with another company’s trademark or title

And there is a choice of “co.jp” or “.jp” or “.com” or another TLD to give domain meaning with attribute meaning. If the name of the company is the domain name, if it is a domain name like a so-called company name signboard, “co.jp” that can strongly push out the image of the company would be better. If it is a service name or brand name, you will use “.jp” or “.com”.

You may also find other TLDs that are not often used because you are already registered with someone else when you try to register these domain names, but the accessing user The sense of security and trust is largely influenced by the first impression of the domain name, so we recommend using “.jp” if possible.

And finally, where do you register your domain name? As mentioned in the past series several times, as with the rental server, domain name registration will be used as a service.In other words, the credibility of the company that provides the service is an important factor. Are stable services provided, or are your domain names properly protected, even in the unlikely event of a business? It is an important consideration because it is a domain name as important as the company name.

The fee for domain name varies depending on the type and the service provider. However, you should not choose the domain name with the price first. After all of the above has been considered, you should make a price comparison. If you have problems with domain names, you will have to pay a few orders of magnitude more than the thousands of yen per year for domain name registration fees.

Power lives on long-lived domain names

By the way, changing the domain name has another disadvantage in addition to the cost. It means that you will lose the SEO power that has accumulated while using the domain.

There are various elements of SEO (search engine optimization), but it is said that one of them is the length of time that the domain name was used as the URL of the website.Long-lived domain name websites are rated positively as being more reliable. If this changes the domain name of the website, it will start from scratch.

On the other hand, even when the website is launched, even if it is not possible to completely align the content, by registering and using the domain name at an early stage, it is possible to create domain name usage results on the website. You Aging of new equipment etc. is called aging, but it may be said that this is exactly aging of the domain name.


It’s not uncommon to find domain names, and often not paying enough attention at first to cause significant costs. With a company name and brand behind, it is a domain name for gaining user access and trust, and its role will grow as the business grows. When you need a domain name, it’s important to stop and think about it from the point of view you wrote here.

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