Is Short Domain Name Worth It?

It is important to use “easy-to-understand” and “easy-to-remember” domain names to expect access by domain name. What kind of domain name meets this condition? What about short domain names?

Google = “G”?

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You know Google. What is your domain name? If you ask me, most people would say or For us, this strange spelling of the company name may be burning in the mind along with the logo.

However, the situation seems to be different in the neighboring China across the sea. In China’s search service, Baidu has secured a share of 70% or more, and it has been found that Google has not been widely spread outside of highly educated people.

So Google’s Chinese corporation announced on October 29 that the Chinese user “G” is easy to make mistakes, and uses the domain name “”. This unnamed string is already available. Try “” in the address bar to try it out (Screen 1).

It may depend on Google’s promotion from now on whether the image that “G is Google’s G” can be infiltrated in China, but the news impact seems to have been great.

1 character domain name

The reason why does not seem to be a domain name is that it is difficult to find one-letter domain names. Another famous one-letter domain name is Nissan’s Here I think that ‘Z’ is the name of the car itself, so the promotion effect is also considerable.

By the way, why do you never see a one letter domain name?

The first reason is that the registration rules for domain names are different for each TLD.The minimum number of characters also varies depending on the TLD, and there are many TLDs of 2 or 3 characters or more, and there are not many places where 1-character domain names can be registered.

One-letter domain names can not be registered for .com, and some of them registered before the rule was created are still used. is also due to such circumstances.

And the second reason is that the absolute number is small. This can be easily understood by considering how many domain names can be realized with one letter.

In other words, it seems that the fact that it is not possible to register a one-letter domain name newly, but the one that is slightly present sometimes becomes a topic due to the transfer.

The reality of short domain names

Domain names such as one letter and two letters are quite scarce, but when they become three letters, patterns that can be expressed increase, so they are often found in the world.Some readers may also have registered three-letter domain names. If it is about 3 alphabets, it may be usable as an easy-to-remember string such as abbreviation.

Well, if you try to register a three-letter domain name, it is often the case that you are actually already registered. In particular, there is also a story that in the most registered number of .com, all combinations of three-letter domain names have been registered. It seems that many 4-character domain names are registered.

If you really want a short registered domain name to be used by a company for promotion activities etc., “selling and selling” will come up as an option.

However, if the domain name can claim the right with your trademark, etc., and the registrant requests you to buy it at a high price, that is for the purpose of high price resale. There is a possibility that can be resolved by DRP as incorrect domain name registration

In the JP domain name?

With JP domain names, you can not register a one-character or two-character domain name in the case of alphanumeric characters. The domain name that can be registered is 3 characters or more and 63 characters or less. This is the main reason to avoid confusion with the second hierarchy that represents attributes such as “”.

Even with JP domain names, short domain names such as 3 letters and 4 letters are popular. However, it does not mean that you can not register at all, such as.

As of November 2007, over 16,000 alphanumeric 3-character domain names have been registered in general-purpose JP domain names, which is about one-third of registerable 3-character domain names. The domain name of 4 alphanumeric characters is more than 32 thousand, but it is only a few percent considering all patterns that can be registered.

JPRS provides a web page where you can search domain names that can be registered with 3 letters and 4 letters (Screen 2). If you are interested in short domain names, why not search once?

In case of Japanese JP domain name

With Japanese JP domain names, it is possible to register from 1 character except for some characters such as hiragana and katakana. If you look up, there are more than 2,000 one-character Japanese JP domain names. However, what is characteristic is that there are many 2-character domain names, and more than 11,000 are registered.

If you think about it, there are a lot of Japanese words that have 2 kanji characters. Such words are considered to be registered as Japanese JP domain names.

In Japanese JP domain names, 1 to 4 characters are about 40% of the total. This can be said to represent the features of Japanese that make up meaningful words with fewer characters compared to English and Roman alphabets.

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