Subtle relationship between search and domain name

In various situations, such as television commercials and magazine advertisements, guidance such as “search by xxx” is performed. However, recently, there has been a case where the domain name is used in the search guidance. I would like to think about this new method this time.

Think again about “search by xxx”

About three years ago, in this series, I wrote the story “The subtle relationship between search and domain name “. Just as a method of guiding users to websites with TV commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, etc., it is a time when the search for “search with ○○○” is rapidly expanding instead of address (URL) input. It was a content that considered the merits and demerits of the guidance method.

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Advertising and advertising is an old business that has existed since people started doing business. Many of the methods used for centuries, such as catch copies, posters and leaflets, are still used today. So although this field seems to be legacy, it is a very fast moving field that constantly incorporates new technologies and invents new ways of using them. And in the last few years, advertising media has not only the role of information transmission but also the role of guiding to the web, and in pursuit of how reliably and efficiently it can be guided, search guidance is It came to be used.

After that, the method “search by xxx” has evolved further. An example that has recently come to light is “Search on”. In fact, this is a very well-considered guidance method that looks the same, but let’s consider why it evolved into this form.

Advantages and disadvantages of search guidance

First of all, let’s review the merits and demerits of search-guided advertising and advertising.

Originally, one of the reasons why search guidance has come to be used instead of the method of showing the URL and guiding to the website is that the URL is difficult to remember. Even if you try to make a product name or service name a short and easy-to-remember URL, it will take some time to understand and store it if you use Roman letters or abbreviations. With search guidance, you can push easy-to-understand words to the front, not a list of unknown alphabets.

Another reason is that the URL can not be accessed even if it is a single letter. Mistakes or misunderstandings, a typo, and a single letter make it impossible for customers to come to the website. However, if you make a search, it is likely that you can access it even if you make a mistake, and the search service side may also indicate the correct search keyword as “Maya”.

On the contrary, the disadvantage of search guidance is that there is no certainty. When performing a search of “search by xxx”, there is an act of making full use of SEO so that it is displayed at the top when searched, or whether it is made to be displayed in the sponsor area by paying money with SEM It becomes a set. It is because it can not be accessed unless it is noticeable on the search result screen. On the contrary, it may go to the website of a rival company. However, there is no guarantee that SEO will be top-level, and there is a risk that it will fall into other search results. In addition, there is also a possibility that others display the link with the same keyword even in SEM.

Search guidance is a user-friendly guide, but there is no guarantee that you will access your website. The thing to remember is that the search keywords shown to the user when guiding the search are not your own, and others can use freely.

Search by unique name domain name that only you can use

Fig. 2 Example of search by domain name search

The guidance method that was conceived to eliminate the uncertainty that is a major disadvantage of this search guidance is “to use search keywords as domain names”(Figure 2).

At first glance it looks like there is no difference from normal search guidance. On the contrary, you may think that it is inconvenient for the user just because the TLD such as “.jp” is attached to the string because it is a domain name. But this is considered quite well.

The main benefit is that it can greatly reduce the uncertainty of search guidance. Unlike ordinary search keywords, domain names can only be used as website addresses. In addition, since search services evaluate the match between search keywords and domain names, using domain names as search keywords can be expected to have a huge effect on SEO.

Keyword search and address input

Even more significant is the fact that it can be used for address guidance as well as for search guidance.

As search becomes mainstream as a way to get access to websites, the web browser user interface is also changing. In the case of a PC, a search box is placed next to the web browser’s address bar, and then the address bar can also be searched. In Google Chrome, there is no distinction between the address bar and the search box. 

In this situation, the user enters a string in the address bar when accessing a search. For this reason, if you derive a domain name as a search keyword, when it is entered in the address bar, you will be sure to access the website as an address entry rather than a search.

It may be considered a disadvantage that you have to put “.jp”. If the domain name is Japanese, such as “”, you may think that “.jp” needs to be switched to half-width alphanumeric. However, this may be entered as “”. If it is a mobile phone, just type “Anama” (“1”, “5”, “7” with the number keys) and convert the character type on many models. Once you enter it, the prediction conversion function will support it from next time.Furthermore, even if you do not add “.jp”, it will be treated as a search keyword normally, so it will not be inaccessible.

Since the search keyword domain name is both an address and a search keyword, it can be used for convenient access from the browser’s address bar, browser search bar, search site input form, and “access from anywhere”. It’s a great way to use it to provide a certainty of address guidance, while using the clarity of search guidance.

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