Forgetting Domain Name Registration Renewal

Once registered, domain names are not always available. In many cases, the registered domain name has an expiration date, and if you forget to register this registration procedure, it may become irretrievable.

Domain name registration expiration date

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When registering your own domain name, the most interesting thing is whether you can register the domain name of the string you want.

If you can register your desired domain name, you can rest assured. After that, you will set up your web and e-mail to create your own site, but do you know that once you have registered your domain name, you can not always use it?

The domain name is set to “Registration Expiration Date”. As the word “expiration date” indicates, it means that the registered domain name can be used until this day, and you can confirm it with Whois. For example, in the case of a JP domain name, “From the date of registration to the end of the year after one year” is the registration expiration date.

The procedure to update this registration expiration date is “Registration Registration”, which extends the registration expiration date, and if it is a JP domain name, it will be set one year ahead. By repeating this procedure, you can keep using your domain name for a long time.

Common trouble examples

In general, you will receive a notification from the service provider who registered your domain name before this registration expiration date, asking if you would like to renew your domain name registration. According to this, we pay a fee and perform registration renewal, but this registration renewal procedure has a lot of troubles unexpectedly.

Next, I will introduce three cases of common troubles.

Case 1

Since many businesses offer various services, domain name registration means that users will find and register where they want. Recently, it seems that in many cases, especially foreign domain companies are registered cheaply with domain names other than JP domain names.

However, what you have to keep in mind at this time is that if you use an overseas service, there is a high possibility that a notification such as a registration update will be sent in English.

If you receive an email written in English, why don’t you think it’s spam and leave it in the trash without checking the contents? There is also a possibility that spam filters will automatically be placed in the trash.

If this happens, you will be left without performing the registration renewal procedure, and you will see the trouble that it will expire soon and you will only notice when the domain name is no longer usable.

Case 2

It is very important that you know the exact expiration date of your domain name. However, there is also a problem that the registration renewal procedure can not be performed if you let go of the guidance of registration renewal from the business operator and “Let’s proceed the procedure a little later because the expiration date is still a little ahead”.

There are many service providers that set the renewal procedure expiration date for users before the registration expiration date that can be confirmed by Whois. This is because the service provider needs a certain amount of time to confirm the payment due to the user’s registration renewal procedure.

Therefore, if you think, “It is about expiration date and we will renew it”, it may be “It has already been closed”. As for the guidance from the service provider, check the contents when you receive it, and be especially careful in that it is necessary to carry out the procedure by the time.

Case 3

In the case of JP domain name, the registration expiration date is extended every year, so it will be processed every year, but with other domain names, there are some that prepare for the procedure to update several years collectively.

In this case, once the procedure is done, there is no need to renew the registration for many years after that. It seems convenient, but it is easy to forget when you have to go through the registration renewal procedure. You may even forget the existence of a procedure called registration renewal.

Of course, update guidance from a service provider should be performed, but there is a high possibility that it can not properly cope with something not expected. Occasionally, remember when your domain name registration expiration date was.

The domain name I gave up is not returned

By the way, what happens if you forget or fail to renew your registration?

If the domain name is not renewed, it will be released (discontinued) after a certain period of time, and will be ready to accept new entries again. Therefore, if you can not renew your registration, you may think that it is better to register again even if there is a period of time that can not be used for a while. But in reality that is very difficult.

Once a domain name has been registered, it is often registered by the moment it becomes available. As new registration is early win, it may not be possible for the original registrant to register. On the contrary, some specialists are aiming for this open moment. This kind of re-registration of obsolete domain names is called “drop catch”.

Why do many people aim for drop catch? That’s because once registered and used domain names are considered “worthy.” It is the name someone needed, and if you set up a website you can expect access to come. There is also the possibility of earning income through banner ads.

With the growing business value of domain names, it is very difficult to re-register domain names once they have been released.

Recover lost domain name

So, can I just give up my domain name that I could not renew my registration? That’s not true. There are domain names that have procedures for recovering a domain name that has been abolished after the expiration date to the registered status, in order to rescue the missteps and mistakes of the procedure. The JP domain name is one of them, and this procedure is called “Registration Recovery Procedure”.

Depending on the type of domain name and service provider, the method and fee for the procedure, the period of acceptance, etc. will vary, but from the days after the domain name was abolished because the registration was not renewed, registration will take several weeks. We may be accepting recovery procedures.

If you are in a situation where “Your domain name has suddenly become unusable!” Or “You forgot to renew your registration!”, Firstly consult with a business that is receiving domain name service.

There may be additional charges, but the impact of not being able to use the domain name you used may be more significant. If you have to use another domain name without being able to re-register the original domain name, you must make it known to site users etc. and the original domain name is registered with a third party By being used, there is also a possibility of getting involved in various problems.

The longer you use a domain name, the greater its value. Make sure your users are aware of important domain names and registration management.

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