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Is Short Domain Name Worth It?

It is important to use “easy-to-understand” and “easy-to-remember” domain names to expect access by domain name. What kind of domain name meets this condition? What about short domain names? Google = “G”? You know Google. What is your domain name? If you ask me, most people would say or For us, this strange spelling of the company name […]

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A little nice talk of domain name and domain name to get back / know 10 years of DNS

The general-purpose JP domain name that started registration from February 2001 is a short and strong form of “○○○ .jp”, and satisfies the attribute type JP domain name with the restriction of 1 organization and 1 domain name so far The number of registrations reached 800,000 in 10 years in response to the unmet needs. This […]

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A nice little tale of a domain name to get / know to distinguish / know DNS real and false

DNS cache poisoning There is no need to explain it again, but the cases of phishing have not stopped and the method of guiding phishing sites (fake sites) has become more sophisticated. As a guidance method to a false site, although it is typical to make a false URL in mail text click,“DNS cache poisoning” is noticed that the risk […]

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Forgetting Domain Name Registration Renewal

Once registered, domain names are not always available. In many cases, the registered domain name has an expiration date, and if you forget to register this registration procedure, it may become irretrievable. Domain name registration expiration date When registering your own domain name, the most interesting thing is whether you can register the domain name of […]